6 Tips for Decorating a Rental

6 Tips for Decorating a Rental

The key to decorating your rental is making it feel like your home without losing your security deposit or investing big cash into something that's not yours. See our tips below for creating a space that feels like yours without breaking the bank!

TIP #1: Adhesives, adhesives, adhesives!

Adhesive hangers can be used to hang almost anything that is not too heavy - think art, kitchen utensils, towels, purses, outdoor string lights, the list goes on! Our frames our made of a lightweight material, making many of our smaller sizes hangable with adhesives. In the end, you're left with no holes in your walls for landlords to use as an excuse to keep your security deposit. For the best adhesive hangers, we recommend the 3M Command brand - they even have adjustable ones! But you can find them all over Amazon as well. Insider tip: check the weight your adhesive hanger can handle before committing.  

TIP #2: Layer on rugs

Your rental may not have the perfect hardwood floors or maybe you're stuck with a lackluster wall to wall carpet. No worries! There are many affordable, yet beautiful, rugs that you can layer on top of your floor to bring your space to life. You could go with one extra large rug to cover the floor, or layer on multiple smaller rugs to create an eclectic vibe. 

TIP #3: Paint your walls

Most landlords don't have a problem with renters painting their walls; they may even paint it for you before you move in (doesn't hurt to ask)! Getting the right color on the wall for you makes a huge difference in turning a house into a home. 

TIP #4: Add draperies!

You may be stuck with hideous blinds in your rental, or no window treatments at all! Layerings on gorgeous curtains can truly transform a room and block out any unwanted sun. These can range from affordable to super expensive. Before buying think about whether you want to save now or invest in draperies that can be used in your next home.

TIP #5: Get creative with storage

Many apartment rentals are small, but that doesn't mean you can't find space for your things without compromising on style. There are many ways to do this! You could install floating shelves to display books, pictures frames, and other decorative objects. Or install them in a kitchen to store your favorite dinnerware. For a tiny bathroom or closet, make use of door storage such as an over-the-door toiletry organizer or shoe holder. These storage options create extra room and minimize visible clutter. Another space saving storage idea is adding a stylish bookshelf that reaches your ceiling. The key is maximizing vertical storage space in your apartment.

 TIP #6: Add plants!

Plants and flowers can bring a breath of fresh air into any space. It's also an easy and affordable way to decorate and bring color into your home. Limited on space? Consider suspending your plants from the ceiling with swag hooks you can find at your local hardware store. Lastly, if you're a notorious plant killer (it's happened to everyone), go faux! These days there are so many faux options that look real and they will last forever, literally.

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